Thank You SoCal Emblems

03/15 2013 by User 0 Comments

We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who showed up at South Coast Plaza yesterday to see us. It was great to finally get to play so close to our hometown and play some of our new songs for everybody. We felt the love for sure. The show was insane (seriously, hearing people sing our songs while we're playing them is the coolest feeling ever and it's never going to get old) and our fans showed us why they're the best ever - we can't believe we got chased through the mall by you guys! We finally ended up at the Sony store where we got to chill with some fans. Basically, it was the best way to spend a Thursday night.

We love every single one of you and we hope we can hang again soon! You're all beautiful.

Drew, Wes & Keaton

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